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User's Guide Overview

User's Guide Overview


Welcome to the Empower Administrator User's Guide. This document describes how to use the Empower Administrator to configure the Empower database for your own environment.


Basics, Usage, and LoginGeneral overview of the Administrator
System SettingsGreater control over Empower system
Auto NumbersAutomatic number generation schemes and options
Format RulesUpper case and character replacement options
Comment TypesType options for comments
Unit of Measure TypesUnit of Measure options for BOM Items
Rules/OptionsVarious system operating rules and options
Global AttributesAttribute fields and options for all objects
Attribute GroupsGrouping for attribute filters/views
Task PrioritiesPriority options for tasks
Document TypesType options for documents
Document VaultsVault options for documents
File ExtensionsSet images/delimiter/format for file extensions
Shared File AreasFile/folder locations for simplifying the document upload process
Object TypesUsing types for object classification and processing rules.
Object CategoriesUsing categories for object classification and processing rules.
Object StatusesLife-cycle status options for Items/Parts/BOMs, Vendors, and Vendor Parts
Object AttributesAttribute fields and options for all Empower objects
Attribute Display OptionsAttribute display and position options for Empower objects
Required FieldsFields that must contain values for releasing objects
Description OptionsSet up description text patterns for automatic description assignment
BOM AttributesCustom fields for BOM items
Vendor Instance FieldsCustom fields for Vendor item assignments
Vendor Custom Contact FieldsAdd and edit vendor contact fields
Supplier Instance FieldsAdd and edit supplier instance fields
Miscellaneous Item/Part/BOM OptionsOther options for Item/Part/BOM
Object PrioritiesPriority options for Empower objects
Miscellaneous Change/ECO OptionsOther options for Change/ECO
Disposition FieldsMaterial Disposition fields for Affected Items on Changes/ECOs and Quality/CAPA Items
RolesDefine user role types to be assigned to projects
Training MiscellaneousAdditional training options for due dates and signoff
BOM Routing OptionsSet some rules for BOM Routing
UsersAdding, removing, and modifying database users, logins, and passwords
User PermissionsUser permission groups and user access rights
Business UnitsBusiness unit options for users and object assignment
Password PoliciesUser password options and settings
Authentication OptionsLogin, LDAP and Single Sign-On options
User GroupsUser grouping for various assignments
Custom User FieldsCustom fields for database users
User PropertiesUser specific fields that are only accessible by the individual user
Social Media TypesSocial Media link types for database users
User Quick LinksHome page quick links preferences
Workflow StagesWorkflow stages options
WorkflowsEdit the workflow of a specific object
Workflow SearchSearching for the workflow of a specific object
Workflow OptionsOptions for object signoff and rules for signoff reset
Email ServerEmail server configurations
Email AlertsEnable and edit email alerts of different actions
Email TemplatesAdd and edit email templates
Reminder EmailsOptions for reminder emails
Administrator Change HistoryAdministrator Change History records when some items have been modified
Task TemplatesAdd and edit task templates
Field MappingEdit field mapping according to your files
Field TransferTransfer values from some fields to other fields
Export/Import SettingsExport current settings or import settings from files
User PreferencesCustomize Empower Administrator UI

For additional support please contact Arena Empower at:

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