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User's Guide Overview

User's Guide Overview


Welcome to the Empower Desktop User's Guide. Empower Desktop is the main application in the Empower Tool Suite. It provides access to many of the common tasks performed on the Empower database such as, searching, component, BOM, Document, Change/ECO, Quality/CAPA, and Project management.


Usage/LaunchingGeneral overview of Desktop, launching, login
Common FeaturesCommon concepts and features used throughout various Desktop modules and forms
Desktop Home PageNavigating the Desktop Home/Main page
Database NavigatorUsing the Database Navigator to launch forms
User InboxQuick access to objects that require your attention
Database SearchUsing the full database search form to perform various searches/reports
Quick FindUsing the Quick Find search form to find objects based on common field searching
Keyword SearchUsing the Keyword Search form to find objects based on keyword searching
Document SearchUsing the Document Search form to find specific documents and their associated objects
Task SearchUsing the Task Search form to find specific tasks and their associated objects
Octopart SearchUsing the Octopart Search form to search the Octopartopen in new window online component database.
SiliconExpert SearchUsing the SiliconExpert Search form to search the SiliconExpertopen in new window online component database.
Creating New ObjectsUsing the New Object Wizard to create new database objects (parts, BOMS, Changes/ECOs, etc.)
Part/Item ManagementManaging item master data and revisions
BOM ManagementManaging BOMs/Parts List in the system
Change/ECO ManagementCreating, managing, and processing formal Changes/ECOs
Attribute ManagementManaging attributes/parameters for all database objects
Document ManagementManaging documents and revisions associated with all database objects
Vendor ManagementManaging vendors, suppliers, partners, customers, etc.
Vendor Item/Part ManagementManaging supplied goods
Object AssociationsProvide intuitive grouping and navigation of similar or related items

For additional support please contact Arena Empower at:

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