User's Guide Overview

User's Guide Overview


Welcome to the ViewManager User's Guide.

This document describes how to use the Empower ViewManager to create and manage database views and reports.

The ViewManager allows you to create:

ViewsStored database queries that are accessible to 3rd party applications
ReportsStored database queries that are only accessible to Empower applications

Database Views are stored queries that act as a virtual table in the database. Unlike ordinary tables, a view does not form part of the physical schema. A view is a dynamic, virtual table computed or collated from data in the database. Changing the data in a table alters the data shown in the view. Views can combine/link data from various tables in a database.

Views can be accessed by 3rd party applications to provide a real-time, dynamic view of Empower data. Examples include:

  • CAD/CAE systems: Mentor Graphics, Cadence Design, Altium, etc.
  • ERP/MRP systems: Oracle, SAP, NetSuite, Aptean, Infor, etc.
  • Reporting systems: Crystal, SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, etc.
  • Custom database applications

Using the Empower ViewManager, you can create reports and views for the following Empower objects:

  • Items/Parts/BOMs
  • Changes/ECOs
  • Projects
  • CARs/PARs
  • Vendor Items


Launching/Accessing the ViewManagerVarious ways to launch the ViewManager
ViewManager Home PageNavigating the pages and features of the ViewManager
Creating Views/ReportsTopics for creating database views and reports
Modifying Views/ReportsTopics for modifying database views and reports
Deleting Views/ReportsTopics for deleting database views and reports
Displaying Views/ReportsViewing the contents/results of any database view or report

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