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Due/Overdue Training

Due/Overdue Training


The Training reports are available from the Training Reports section, the Training Objects section of the Reporter Home Page, or the Desktop Database Navigator.

The Due/Overdue Training Report will display users who are active for training events that have not completed the training.

To view the Due/Overdue Training Report, select the Due/Overdue Training link from the Training Reports.

Report Basics

The Due/Overdue Training Report contains the following key areas:

Report Options

The report contains an Options pane that allows you to select which objects and states to include in the report. You can display and hide the Options pane by selecting the Options/Menu button.

The Options pane provides the following report options:

Active Revs onlyIf this option is checked, the report will only include the latest/active Training revisions. If this option is unchecked, the report will include all Training item revisions.
Include Recurring itemsIf this option is checked, the report will include Training items whose Frequency field is set to: Recurring
Include Rev Change itemsIf this option is checked, the report will include Training items whose Frequency field is set to: Recurring - Rev Change

The Options pane also provides an option to define the timeframe for reporting due/overdue users:

Checking the With no/blank Due Date option will include those users where the Due Date has not been defined.

The report allows you to include specific field values to filter the report results.

Report Results

The report depends on the Due Date assigned to users on Training items.

The report will use the assigned user Due Date to determine which users are due or overdue for training.

The report output includes the following fields:

TrainingTraining Part Number or Name
RevRevision of Training item
DescriptionDescription of the Training
UserUser assigned to training
StatusTraining user signoff status
Due DateTraining user due date
Due In (Days)Number of days until the due date
FrequencyTraining Frequency

You can sort any field by clicking the header title. A sort indicator will appear.

The report results will contain hyperlinks to launch the reported objects directly.

Results Export

You can export the results by clicking the Save/Export toolbar button.

From the Export Report panel, you can select the output format and file name.

Once the format and file have been specified, click the Save/Export Results button to create the report.

If the file is created successfully, the download link will be available. To view the report, click the download link.

Results Paging

The report toolbar will display the following information.

If the total number of returned records exceeds the number of results per page, the report will display a paging control.

You can navigate the results pages by clicking a specific page number or by using the Previous and Next buttons.