Product Item Activity

Product Item Activity


The Product/Item Activity report allows you to view item specific activities such as user views, edits/changes, and document views over a specified timeframe.

To view the Product/Item Activity report, select the Product/Item Activity link from the Task/Activity Reports section or History/Change/Activity Reports section of the Home Page.

Report Basics

The Product/Item Activity report contains the following key areas:

Report Options

The report contains an Options pane that allows you to select which objects and states to include in the report. You can display and hide the Options pane by selecting the Options/Menu button.

The Options pane allows you to limit the timeframe of the report by specifying the From and To fields.

The Options pane provides the following report settings:

Include user viewingIf this option is checked, the report will include all users who have viewed the specified items.
Include documents viewedIf this option is checked, the report will include all documents viewed for the specified items.
Include documents checked outIf this option is checked, the report will include all documents checked out for the specified items.
Include change historyIf this option is checked, the report will include all object edits performed on the specified items.

Report Items

You can include an unlimited number of items in the Activity report. To add an item, click the Add Items button in the Items/Products section.

The Add Items panel will be displayed.

From the Add Items panel you will be able to search on part numbers, descriptions, and rev labels

To add an item, click the hyperlink or Apply buttons.

You can remove items by clicking the remove icon on the Items list.

Report Results

The results list will display the data groups selected/checked in the Options pane.

You can show and hide the group data by expanding the section header.

Results Export

You can export the results by clicking the Save/Export toolbar button.

From the Export Report panel, you can select the output format and file name.

Once the format and file have been specified, click the Save/Export Results button to create the report.

If the file is created successfully, the download link will be available. To view the report, click the download link.

Results Paging

The report toolbar will display the following information.

If the total number of returned records exceeds the number of results per page, the report will display a paging control.

You can navigate the results pages by clicking a specific page number or by using the Previous and Next buttons.