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Server Installation/Setup

Server Installation/Setup


Welcome to the Empower Server Installation and Setup Guide. This document describes how to install and configure the Empower Server applications.

The Empower Server install includes the following components:

Empower Web ApplicationsDesktop, Administrator, Reporter, BOM Routing, License Monitor, Server Wizard, etc.
Empower Web ServicesWeb Services used by Empower and 3rd party applications as well as system integrations/interfaces
Toolkit FrameworkWeb Services, action triggers, example applications, and development framework for all 3rd party interfaces


Web ApplicationsOverview of the Empower Applications and Modules
Web ServicesDescription of the Empower Web Services and configuration details
Installation and SetupInstalling Empower and Setting up the Web Server
Configuring EmpowerConfiguring database connections and other system options
UpgradingUpgrading from previous versions
System RequirementsEmpower Server hardware and software requirements

For additional support please contact Arena Empower at:

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