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User's Guide Overview

User's Guide Overview


Welcome to the OmniBOM User's Guide. This document describes how to use OmniBOM to create preliminary BOMs, import BOMs from any file format, export to any report file, compare BOMs and upload into an Empower database.


OmniBOM Basics/Usage/OverviewOverview of OmniBOM, usage and launching
BOM FormOverview of the BOM Form and editing basics
Importing FilesImporting BOMs into OmniBOM
Empower BOMsOpening/viewing BOMs stored in the Empower database
Exporting/Saving BOMsExport BOMs for various formats
BOM SheetsOverview of BOM sheets (adding, removing, variants)
Advanced ActionsAdvanced editing functions (Refdes functions)
Database ActionsAdding and updating data from the Empower database
Uploading to EmpowerUploading BOMs to Empower (Items and/or Changes/ECOs)
BOM CompareCompare BOMs and revisions stored in Empower

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